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We recently participated in the Deadly Jobs Expo in Fitzroy Crossing, an event designed to connect job seekers with local employers and training opportunities. This initiative was a key part of the Kimberley Floods State Recovery and Resilience Plan, emphasising the importance of job creation and skill development in the recovery process. 

Our involvement in this event reflects our dedication to being an active and supportive member of the community. Our commitment goes beyond providing security services; we aim to create meaningful career opportunities for local residents, helping to strengthen the local economy and enhance community resilience.

We believe that by offering robust training and career opportunities in the security sector, we can empower individuals in Fitzroy Crossing. Our goal is to help community members build rewarding careers while contributing to the overall safety and well-being of the region. Our services are designed to support local businesses and events, creating a more secure and thriving community.

Our participation in the Deadly Jobs Expo is just one of the many ways we support Fitzroy Crossing. We are committed to being a reliable partner in the community’s ongoing recovery and growth. By providing quality security services and creating job opportunities, we aim to contribute to a resilient and vibrant community.

As Fitzroy Crossing continues to rebuild, Core Security remains dedicated to enhancing community safety and supporting local economic development. We are proud to stand with Fitzroy Crossing, offering career opportunities that benefit individuals and contribute to the community’s overall prosperity and resilience. Together, we can work towards a safe and thriving environment for all residents.