28th March 2021

Conscious Resilience Initiative

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What is the Conscious Resilience Initiative?

Connecting Veterans and the Community together to promote psychological well-being and awareness by empowering Veterans and the Community together, to become self-aware and resilient.

The formal evening event will host a total of 110 people, (11 tables).

Details are:

  • Ticket price: $120 per person
  • Commencing: 6pm
  • Address: 20 Thorogood Street, Burswood
  • Dress: Formal

The tickets include dinner and some complimentary alcoholic beverages, a live band and guest speakers.

Come and support our veterans.

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The purpose of this event is to achieve a few key goals:

  1. Connect Veterans and the Community better,
  2. Connect like-minded people and businesses together,
  3. Create better awareness of the issues facing Veterans and the association with suicide,
  4. Reduce suicides and mental health issues within the Veteran community,
  5. Draw the right people and businesses to us to collect a professional support network to develop stronger mental health resilience programs, and
  6. Introduce SMEAC Inc. into Western Australia as part of this initiative. (for further details go to https://smeac.org.au/ )

Community Charity Ride

Before the formal evening event, there is also a community charity ride being run by the Military Brotherhood MMC (South Perth) with special guest Glenn Marskell and his ANZAC Tribute car. This is the first time this car has come to WA, so be sure that you come along to this too. The ride ends at 20 Thorogood Street, Burswood also and from there we will be;

  • Hosting a fundraising BBQ
  • Holding photo opportunities with the tribute car
  • Providing short rides on selected motorcycles for kids and adults

Contact us:

6336 8080
Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm
113 Belmont Ave, Belmont 6104

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